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Our Video engagement solutions transitions a voice, chat, and webpage interaction into a true Omni channel experiences at no cost to the end customer. This experience is easily accessible form one of the following scenarios: webchat escalation of video, voice escalation to video, and click to video chat from webpage or mobile applications. Unlike other solutions, our solution powered by Vidyo delivers a high quality end user experience, regardless of available bandwidth. Providing content sharing, and the options to begin a video chat directly on a webpage without downloads or plugins, including multiparty video conferencing.

The VidyoEngage solution integrates contact centers and Vidyo Conferencing, enabling high definition, scalable video to enhance agent and customer interactions. There will be integration with the contact center, making video interactions frictionless within the flow of interactions between a customer and an agent.

A lot of Consumers prefer self-service, but when they need assistance, seeing and dealing with a person face-to face is best. Facial expressions and body language increase understanding to move quickly through a Simple sales process, and video conferencing is the most efficient way to achieve this goal.

The proposed Video based customer engagement solution is designed for Financial Services to

  • service High value clients and manage interactions done directly over video,
  • improving net promoter scores
  • will Improve customer satisfaction,
  • increase revenue, and
  • reduce customer churn with high quality video Benefits

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