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Sales Automation

Our sales force automation solution is powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365. It empowers your sales team to manage their selling processes. Shortening their sales cycles, driving higher productivity, more targeted sales, and faster close rates. With our solution, Sales professionals can zero in and focus on the most impactful activities leveraging technology across devices, channels, locations, and departments.

Maximize your sales team’s performance by reducing distractions and helping themfocus on the priorities.

  • Identify prospects and customers who have the most potential.
  • Make sound, strategic decisions based on digital intelligence.
  • Provide sales coaching when and where it’s needed.

Close deals faster by working efficiently, collaborating, and applying contextual insights from your sales management software.

  • Set up your sales team to collaborate on strategic deals.
  • Personalize every engagement to the buyer’s journey.
  • Make sure salespeople can work anytime, anywhere.

Use built-in digital intelligence and automated business processes to increase your revenue while controlling acquisition costs.

  • Win new and repeat sales using a personalized sales process.
  • Onboard new people quickly to get them selling right away.
  • Measure the past, and identify leading indicators for the future.

Social and team selling make every customer conversation more relevant, valuable, and productive. Real-time sales analytics provide better insight, understanding, and pipeline confidence.See more.

Complaints management Automation

Our complaints management module is powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Contact Center to enable companies to provide relevant, responsive, and personalized service by connecting customers with service inquiries to the right answers at the right time—via their channel of choice.

Give your agents complete information—in a single customer service software app—to make smart decisions and provide great service.

Reveal customers’ case histories, preferences, and feedback.
Provide guidance on entitlements and service-level agreements.
Display it all in a single interface tailored to their job and skill set.

Provide the seamless service your customers expect by meeting them where they are with the information they need, every time.

Give customers great service on their channel of choice.
Make Help easy by providing relevant, personalized service.
Proactively address issues by detecting customers’ intent and social sentiment.

With our solution, Contact center agents are empowered with a single, Unified experience to deliver amazing customer experience with cross-channel context.

SmartMessage Marketing Platform

Enables companies to engage customers across channels, build pipeline, and demonstrate the impact of marketing. Marketers can plan, execute, and measure multichannel marketing campaigns from start to finish. They can manage and nurture

Score leads to generate more revenue, while streamlining marketing planning and execution and gaining a true view of marketing ROI.

Some key merit are to:

Deliver campaigns that are personalized, contextual, and content-rich for customer.
Orchestrate coordinated campaigns across channels—and measure ROI across the board.
Maintain a unified customer profile for all your integrated, cross-channel marketing.

Social customer service

Microsoft Social Engagement is an online add on to Dynamics 365 to help organizations enter the social era, both internally and externally. From collaborating efficiently within organizations, to listening to the market, to engaging with customers and prospects on their own terms, Microsoft Dynamics CRM empowers everyone in your organization to deliver amazing customer experiences on social.

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