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Waiting in queues is a daily reality for everyone and it can be frustrating. More than ever, businesses must focus on delivering great customer experience in order to differentiate themselves and create brand loyalty.

Scimitar Global Services Limited (SGSL) in partnership with Qbetter is offering Bloom: an advanced queue management system that ensures an optimal service through all stages of the process. With Bloom it is possible to manage the customers flow, keeping them informed about the queuing process and assuring that their priority in line is being respected. This queue management system also allows professionals to collect all the information they need to manage effectively their service and resources. In a nutshell, Bloom will...

  • increase customers’ satisfaction by improving the service quality
  • provide a more informative and relaxing waiting time
  • entertain waiting customers with integrated digital signage
  • ensure customers are served in a well-ordered way by the right staff every time

Before arriving at the site, customers do not know how many people will be in line. Also, when they arrive, they may not know which service would best suit their needs. There is too much uncertainty.

Using Bloom, customers can take their turn sooner by scheduling an appointment online or generating a virtual ticket. Arriving at the site, checking in or taking a turn is also a simple and straightforward process. Solution can highlight the name or ticket of the customer in screens displayed on-site along with a sound signal or even voice calling. It is also possible to notify customers through SMS or mobile notifications.

Customers can give feedback through surveys available on-site. They will fill a form that can be customized with any type of question that might be useful for the business.

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